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Monday, February 06, 2012
I've started to make plans to attend the NRA annual meeting but life is trying to get in the way.

Friday my dogs eye was looking inflamed and not wanting to let an eye problem go we ended up taking him into the vet Saturday, The vet couldn't find a cause so he sent us home with antibiotics and a steroid eye cream, with directions to call Monday if it isn't getting better.

It looked the same or worse today so she called in and the vet wanted to recheck him, on her way there the transmission went out on her jeep.

The vet bills aren't all that much so far they are only about the same as 2 nights of hotel room, and well the jeep is a Grand Cherokee so the transmission failure was only a matter of time but I'm looking for a replacement vehicle and if the eye doesn't get better I don't know how much the specialist bills will be.


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