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Sunday, February 05, 2012
  Minnesota GOP Caucus
Tuesday is the GOP caucus in Minnesota some people don't like the idea of caucuses and would prefer a primary election. I would prefer that the government didn't regulate how political parties did their business, they are private organizations and they should be free to decide there own business but if there is going to be a required way or choosing delegates then I believe that a caucus is better then a primary.

Going to a caucus take some effort, you have to take some time and attend a meeting, and to make any real change you've got to be willing to put time and money into into going to other meetings and you've got to convince your neighbors that you are the best person to represent them at those meetings. A primary only take a few minutes to go to the polling place and check a box, no commitment and no reason not to vote in a different parties primary. I wonder how many of Romneys supporters have been people who are planning on voting for O in November?

So on Tuesday I'm going to be helping run my local caucus and get elected as a delegate to my county party convention in hopes giving Ron Paul the GOP endorsement. Of the field Paul is the only one that I think has any chance of beating Obama, and also the only one that would be any better than four more years of the the current reader in chief.
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