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Sunday, February 26, 2012
  $1000 question
JayG put this up a while ago, If a friend is a brand new shooter and has a budget of $1000 to buy guns with what would you recommend.

First .22's because everyone needs .22's

1) A .22 rifle I'm going to say get a Marlin 795 new non sale price $159 you can find these on sale occasionally in the $120 range there are not as many after market parts as there are for the 10/22 but out of the box they are a better gun and they are about $50 cheaper for a base end gun.

Total $159, $841 left

2) A .22 Pistol a MKIII 22/45 new price $267 I don't think you can find a lower price .22 pistol that is good for tens of thousands of rounds.

For the .22's I'm suggesting that you just go ahead and buy new, they don't show up on the used market often and they just aren't that expensive to buy new.

Total $426, $574 left

3) A self defense hand gun, If you've got a strict budget for the firearms, you likely have a strict budget for ammunition also so the hand gun should be a 9mm. My suggestion is used a Glock 19 or 17 you can find them for $380 or so.

Total $806, $196 left.

This spot is more difficult there isn't enough left for a shotgun and a rifle unless you found good sales on the .22 or you managed to find them used.

4a) Shotgun you can find a used Mossberg 500 for $150 or so. Many of the store shotguns are re branded major makers My Coast to Coast MasterMag was built in Mossbergs factory with the same parts as any other 500, and I paid $150 for it at a pawn shop.

4b) Centerfire rifle A Mosin 91/30 $90 how can you go wrong with a gun that was used to kill Nazis?

Total $896 - $956 so there is some left over for a few bricks of .22 to get started with.


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