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Sunday, August 21, 2011
  Canton PD isn't the only department with roid rage issues.
Last month Ohioans For Concealed Carry put this video on YouTube

I don't know who dubbed him Officer Roid Rage, but just about every blogger I read linked the video.

I found this news story the other day, apparently cops have been getting doctors to prescribe steroids and human growth hormone and they have been getting it free as part of their health care plan. After a few lawsuits it looks like New Jersey is going to try and do something about it. Maybe Ohio needs to looks at New Jersey's example.

"It is important that we strengthen oversight, regulation and investigation in order to discourage the improper use of steroids throughout New Jersey's law enforcement community and ensure the public's confidence,"

Edited to add this story Why Police Brutality? One reason: Steroid Abuse where I found this Quote

"It's going on everywhere," said Humphrey, who has advised about a dozen police agencies on the matter. Testing officers for the drug, he said, is "an issue that needs to gain momentum."


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