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Tuesday, June 03, 2014
  You can fix anything with the internet and some zip ties.
Went to move my car tonight after unloading some parts for the pigeon coop I need to build* and it wouldn't go into reverse, it wouldn't go into any gear, the front and back movement felt disconnected from the transmission.  I figured I must have broken a shift cable.  After a quick look at youtube for cable replacement videos I find out that these cars have a bushing on the shifter end of the cable that tends to fall apart.  I go out to see how hard it will be to remove the console and get a look at said bushing,  and there are no screws holding the console in place it just lifts out of the way.  It looks like this has happened before, the troubled bushing has some RTV that was gluing it together.  I think I've made a more durable fix. 

5 zip ties is greater than a bit of RTV right?

*My kid won 2 pigeons at a 4H poultry seminar and they need a bigger and more permanent home than where they are right now.

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