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Friday, September 10, 2010
  One more try at commenting at Joan Peterson's Blog
Well My comment fell down the memory hole, so one more try. The original post

I think we can agree that dangerous prohibited people having guns is a problem. Who wants to be part of the solution?

If the prohibited people are to dangerous to be allow to have guns why are they allowed to have knifes, and cars?

I'm guessing that this one will not make it through moderation either.
  Posted a comment on a brady staffers blog.
From Weer'd, I got the link to

I posted a comment on this post

Quotes taken out of context because that is how it is done on a anti freedom blog:

From item 4

"I am not personally coming to take his guns away by physical force. Little old me? Not a chance."

But you are advocating laws that will have government agents taking our guns by physical force.

From item 15

"It seems to me that guns for self defense don't need to be AK47s and AR 15s or even M1s."

So no one including the police should have AR 15's for self defense?

From item 22

"But we can't quibble about the fact that firearms are the leading cause of both homicides and suicides at all age levels."

If you believe that guns cause homicides and suicides, do you believe that matches cause arson? Or that cars cause traffic accidents?

From item 24

"we're talking the banning of LEGALLY PROHIBITED PERSONS ONLY from obtaining guns."

You are talking about adding regulations that will make it harder for private individuals to sell personal property. It is not likely that any of the legislation you are talking about will stop prohibited people from obtaining guns.

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