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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
  D.C. Machine gun

I keep reading about the D.C. Law that any firearm that can fire more that 10 shots (or 12 depending on the story) without reloading is a machine gun. Every time I see that I think of Oleg Volk's picture of a 20 shot revolver and that that would be an illegal machine gun in our nation's capital.

Photo from Oleg Volk
Sunday, July 20, 2008
  Heller commemorative Smith & Wesson revolver
S&W is releasing a Heller revolver an alloy J-frame snubbie, according to Tom Gresham, "It's very lightweight, with rubber grips. It's a perfect self-defense revolver." I would agree that it would be a good choice for a self defense revolver, especially as a concealed carry piece. I don't think that it would be the ideal home defense weapon when you aren't allowed to carry it out side of your home the light weight and short sight radius requires more practice to shoot effectively and in a city with out any gun ranges you won't be able to get much practice shooting it. For a gun that is not going to be carried I would think a steel frame with a 4" or 6" barrel would be a better option. And remember the only hand gun that Heller is going to be permitted to have in his home is a .22, the city rejected his other handgun and without any gun shops in D.C. he's going to have a hard time buying anything else. Maybe Josh Sugarmann will do a transfer for him.

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